Chicago Open Winter 2013 Results

chicago open winter 2013 results

This weekend we took a few guys up to compete in the Chicago Open, currently the biggest tournament in the midwest for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This is a good tournament to compete at and is only a few hours away.

First off was assistant instructor Ian Bravard.  Ian competed in the Adult Lightweight Blue Belt and there were 30 in his group.  Ian advanced through his first match due to his opponent not making weight.  In the 2nd round he went up against a tough opponent.  At just over the halfway point in the match he was DQ'd from a leg reap.  Leg reaping is not allowed in IBJJF competitions by any belt because of the way that it puts lateral pressure on the knee.  This is something that we do practice carefully in our gym but it is not allowed in competition.  So Ian's day was cut short with this.

Next was main instructor Alan Stockman.  Alan competed in the Black Belt Senior 1 MIddle Weight.  This was Alan's first time competing in a long time and he came out securing 2nd Place in his division.

                                 Alan Stockman top left in the 2nd place position.

On Sunday we drove back up for one more person to compete.  Jason Robinson competed in the Senior 1 Light Feather as a White Belt.  In our gym Jason is known for his sneaky ezekiel chokes and that is exactly what he used. Jason won two matches in a row, both with a sneaky set up from the bottom half guard position.  Two matches with two submissions!!

                        Jason in top position with Carlson Gracie Jr.



Afterwards Jason and Carlson Jr messing around...

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