New Kids Class Ages 5 to 8

Kids Martial Arts in Greenwood Indiana
                                  Kids Class Ages 5-8 playing a balance game

Last month because of the success of our Monday/Wednesday Kids 5-8 Class, we began a 2nd class on Tuesday/Thursday with all new kids. This new class is now 3 weeks old and we are having lots of fun!

There are still openings so if you have or know of a child between the ages of 5 and 8 that would be interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu contact us today! We only take 12 kids for a class, so spots will fill up fast.

Kids Martial Arts Greenwood Indiana
                              Kids attention sitting on the wall learning a new skill

The kids will be learning Jiu Jitsu fundamentals, Self-Defense, Judo, Wrestling, how to work on the ground, what to think while grappling and have fun doing it. In this class we try to maintain a fun, positive atmosphere that conduces learning while at the same time teaching them discipline. Kids will be faced with new challenges that they will learn to overcome and gain self-confidence as they do this.

Kids Class Ages 5 to 8
                                      Kids warming up at the beginning of a class

While learning many valuable skills the kids are also challenged physically and learn that being active is fun! These days many kids are drawn to TV and video games, so it is so important that they learn to disconnect from electronics and be more physically active.

Kids Jiu Jitsu Indianapolis
      One of our kids training their double leg takedown on Black Belt Alan Stockman

This class began last month.  We only take 12 kids, so this class will fill up fast. Contact us to find out how you can get your child involved in Jiu Jitsu!

Is your kid older than 8 years old? We also offer a class for kids ages 9-14. There are a couple openings right now for this class as well. 

See you on the mats!


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