Kids Win Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

kids class holiday special

                                          Kids Jiu Jitsu having fun at the end of class

We at Stockman Jiu Jitsu believe that a child's overall well being, both psychological and physical can be developed simualtaneously. A child while mastering the techniques required in Jiu  Jitsu will increase their overall physical fitness also will gain self-confidence and discipline as well as decrease stress and tension. When kids train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu they will get all of this and more.

What to expect in a normal class:

Our classes begin with warm ups. During the warm up we focus on small movements found in Jiu Jitsu. We drill these repetively so they gain mastery. Doing this helps to develop core strength and foster better coordination.

The second portion of our classes we work on takedowns. The takedowns we focus on come both from Judo and Wrestling. This aspect of Jiu Jitsu helps with balance and cultivates better motor skills. Working from their feet is a lot of fun and some of the kids say it's their favorite part of class.

Then finally we go to the ground and practice our technique of the week. Here we move week by week, month by month through the diffferent positions that BJJ focuses on, the mount, back, side control, turtle, and guard. We learn positional control, escapes, and attacks from each of these. It is here that the chess game begins! These techniques will be taught in sequences to help with memorization and retention.

Then at the end of class we do live sparring. The sparring demands the most from the kids physically and mentally. They are forced to go back to the learned techniques and apply them in different sequences to get them to work maturing their decision making abilities. Here they progress their fitness level and core strength over time and also enjoy the benefits of living healthy!  It is challenging but once your child is able to accomplish this they learn that they are capable of things they never though possible and here they gain a real confidence that will carry over in life.

While training Jiu Jitsu with us not only will your children learn to focus and listen better but they will get a wide variety of benefits that only training Jiu Jitsu can bring and they will get all of this and still leave smiling, laughing, having fun and wanting more!